Chronic Disease Management

Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes can be reversible with certain lifestyle modifications. The Health: Reconstructed diet plan can decrease inflammation, ease fatigue, and aid in weight loss. Learn more about how easy it is to cure these diseases and get off your medications, for good. 

Let's Uncomplicate Your Life

Aren't you tired of pricking yourself daily? Do you feel you take more medications than food for breakfast? If you want this to stop, and you want to feel young again, know that a different reality is only one decision away. Learn more about the plant-based lifestyle and call to make an appointment today to discuss more in person. 

Lifestyle Counseling

Just because you have a complicated family history of chronic disease doesn't mean you will have a life of chronic disease. Change your lifestyle to enhance your life and that of your children, and break the generational curse. It may be difficult to start a new lifestyle initially, which is why our team will help you to not only make the decision to move forward, but to maintain and stay the course so that real results will happen.



Dr. Stacey Wells was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina.  Her health-conscious parents Dr. Alvin and Nadine Fulton together taught Dr. Wells in adolescence and beyond how to eat, move, and live healthily. She was inspired to become a physician when her grandfather (“Gramps") became chronically ill after a massive stroke with diabetes, high blood pressure, and severe peripheral arterial disease, leading to multiple limb amputations. Dr. Wells went to college to major in biology/pre-medicine at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. She then furthered her studies at Boston University School of Medicine and then at Louisiana State University for Internal Medicine residency. She began studying lifestyle medicine in 2005 to master disease prevention and healing the human body from within using food and exercise. After 10 years of experience, she hopes to increase the quality and quantity of life of each patient she sees, and that of their family. 


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